Next to working life there is another life. Parts of mine are filled with bicycle tours. Here are some tours planned for this year.

  • From Aachen via Vennbahn – old railroad, now a magnificent bike path – up to Monschau, and on the Rur bike path to Roermond. Maybe on to Venlo and retour from there.
  • Sandstein bike path – cycling around Billerbeck in the Baumberge region of the wonderful Münsterland. This sentence sure sounds pure Germish
  • De Peel: My collegue told me about this nature conservation area on the other side of the German Dutch border. I would love to take a look.
  • Living near the Ruhr area here is another idea: Discovering the old industrial sites on the bike. This includes visiting some museums 🙂
  • Via Claudia Augusta. The most ambitious project. As my first priority is my professional life, I may have to postpone this to next year though.