You have destroyed something unique to build something commonplace.

This saying is attributed to Charles V. Following the reconquista the Mezquita in Cordoba was partly converted into a cathedral. I have always found the pictures of christian and moorish components side by side intriguing, and so Andalusia has been on my bucket list for a long time.

At the beginning of January I had an urgent desire for sun and warmth. So it finally was an ambitious and even athletc trip, visiting three cities in four days: Andalusia!

By plane to Malaga. From there – with the fantastic bus infrastructure – to Granada. The next day I had booked a tour in the Alhambra, once around the whole area. Our guide, Anna, an absolute professional with a lot of background knowledge and a great sense of humor, made these three hours a wonderful experience.

So very much worth seeing, so beautiful. And – my trip took place in February – relatively few people on the way. The air was incredibly clear, and the view over Granada almost infinite.

The next day I went to Cordoba, again by bus. The drive through the Andalusian countryside was a dream. In Cordoba my first destination was the Mezquita Cathedral. The impressions of the first few minutes were incredible: so beautiful, so calm, this incredible cool and meditative atmosphere … … infinitely impressive! Turning around a corner you suddenly find yourself in a christian cathedral. The contrast is incredible and I am inclined to agree with Karl V.

But not only the Mezquita, Cordoba itself is worth a visit. The small streets lead through lovingly maintained quarters.

The next day brought me back to Malaga. This time by train, because Cordoba is right on the railway line from Madrid to Malaga. A long walk through the city and the shopping district took me to the harbor.

Overall, a rather short but beautiful trip.