So typically Duisburg

A perfect combination of headwind and cycling uphill

When you think about Duisburg a very typical picture comes to mind. Just like this

So what about this

Fairly unbelievable, is it not? But these days the old industrial area is really showing a completely different face to her visitors. A charming, green and exciting one.

Talking about exciting

This time our Sunday tour went to the northern neighbourhood: A visit to Tiger and Turtle installation.

Unbelievable: This sculpture, a mere 30 km from my doorstep, has been in place since 2011, but I have only discovered it now. Going there we had a wonderful strong backwind which helped a lot to get us to Duisburg – Angerhausen without much effort. The construction on the heap of the former Zinkhütte MHD Sudamin is impressive! A giant steel roller coaster you can walk around on.

This structure not only offers excitement, but also a fantastic view. Starting with the roofs of the Krupp Mannesmann Hüttenwerk, the surrounding districts of Duisburg far into the distance. We were able to spot the Rhine Tower, the Arag Hochhaus, the Airport Tower, even the towers of the Neurath power station in about 40 km distance. And with clearer weather there is certainly even more to see.

Swim, walk, run or climb!

On our way back we passed the Duisburg Sportpark and the 6-sea-area in the south of Duisburg, which is always well worth a visit! So what’s your sport? It’s all there! Even a very shaky looking climbing park.

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