Cycling along the Weser

Advertisement: I stayed in a very recommendable hotel during my tour, and and I would like to mention this, so I mark this post as an advertisement. And no, the hotel does not know about it, and yes, I paid for my overnight stay quite as normal.
From Kassel Wilhelmshöhe to Porta Westfalica: Roughly 230 km in the sunshine. That is, almost.
First along the Fulda to Hannoversch Münden. There, of course, you have to stop and admire the Weserstein. Further along there’s one or the other huckle, but basically the Weserradweg is almost flat and really good to drive.


The first highlight was Hannoversch Münden, a beautiful medieval half-timbered town. Next destination Bursfelde. There is an old Benedictine abbey, which today is a spiritual convention center. The beautiful old Romanesque monastery church is definitely worth a visit.

Lots of nature, lots of forest. Sometimes the track touches the road, but mostly you stay close to the river.

Via Bad Karlshafen to Höxter.


Past the Weser Skywalk on the Hannoversche Klippen. Shortly behind Höxter then the next highlight: Corvey Monastery. Founded by Ludwig the Pious, the son of Charlemagne. Both are on the portal to the courtyard.

In Hamelin you have no chance to escape the Pied Piper: The rats frolicking in the streets and the Pied Piper has done me the favor of appearing right in front of my camera lens.

In Hameln I stayed at the Historik Hotel Christinenhof – what a lovely place! The hotel has all the amenities, is right next to the old town, and offers a stunning breakfast. Full recommendation!

Coffee break along the way – what a charming offer!

In 1946 and 1947 the whole valley must have been flooded. Hard to imagine. This year the Weser was really empty.

The next day the weather changed. Despite the wonderful breakfast I was on the bike shortly after 8 o’clock and wanted to make as much distance as possible. However, after Rinteln I had to give up due to the wind. So directly over to Porta Westfalica.


Coffee before departure 🙂 and the train and the rain arrived at the same time...

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